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Independent Distributor for Flint River Ranch and Amazon Herbs

Welcome to my Website! My name is Jill and I live in the beautiful, picturesque countryside of Southeastern Pennsylvania with my three dogs, two cats, one turtle, three horses and . . . to add to the mix . . . one husband. I want to tell you why I became not only a distributor for Flint River Ranch and Amazon Herbs but why I am a most vocal advocate for these products.

As a distributor for Flint River Ranch and Amazon Herbs, I have been able me to pursue my life long passion for animals and nutrition. I was introduced to Flint River Ranch (FRR) by an animal rescue group who had remarkable positive results with their rescued animals after just a few short months of feeding the animals FRR. I was very impressed by the human grade products used and by the fact the Flint River is baked and not extruded. FRR is shipped FRESH right from the oven to your door. My own first experience with Flint River Ranch was most impressive as it gave my 14 year old Basset Dalmatian cross (I know, that’s hard to picture) a second lease on life. I became a believer! Not only will your animal like FRR, he or she will thrive on it.

Amazon Herbs are remarkable products for both animals and humans alike, yielding some amazing results for those who use them. Our wonderful country vet is now using Amazon Herbs in her practice and also with the rescue dogs she and her partner acquire. The results have been stunning and life-saving in many instances!!!

Amazon Herbs are vastly different from the “run of the mill” health food store herbs that purchase their herbs from “” Amazon Herbs are harvested in the wild by the indigenous people in the pristine rainforests of Peru, shipped, and then spagyrically processed. Spagyric processing is a slow, complex, multi-phase, unheated extraction process that yields the full integrity and life force of the plant. World wide there are only a handful of companies that use this superior process.

I hope you will take a few moments to review some of the many advantages that Flint River Ranch and Amazon Herbs offer. Please contact me with any questions by clicking on the “contact us” box.

Because I am concerned about the well-being of animals, both large and small, I donate a percentage of the proceeds of my sales to the SPCA, my local animal rescue group, and LAPS (large animal protection society).

Amazon Herbs gives 10% of that companies profit back to protect the rain forest.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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